Monday, February 13, 2012

Brighter World

Finding things around the house to use in papercrafting is always a bonus because you can feel like you're getting multiple uses out of an object.  When I saw the Around the House Challenge on the Moxie Fab World Blog, I knew exactly what I wanted to use.  I'm know for winning frequently at raffles, and last year I won a basket filled with goodies for baking from the local school PTO raffle.  One of the items in the basket was a package from Ikea with several decorative cake plate liners.  These plastic round disks come in 4 different designs, and they go on top of the cake plate before the cake is placed on it, similar to a doily.  At the time that I won them, I could not really imagine using them, since my cake making skills are somewhat limited.  I kept them, though, because they reminded me of the masking sheets that many paper companies are selling to use with spray inks.  They only have a design on the edge, but they are nice and thick, so I decided to give it a go this week, and got out my Smooch sprays and tried them out on solid and patterned paper.

I loved how the yellow and pink looked sprayed over the hearts,  it reminded me of a sunrise, and I found the perfect sentiment to go with it from Ali Edwards.  It's a simple one layer card, but I think it works because of the bold graphics and bright colors. 

The other card has a very different look, it is soft and subtle, with pastels, patterned paper, pearls and a flower.  The fairy was on the patterned paper already, and she got covered up a little by the spritz.  I dyed the lace to match by spritzing with the same color Smooch spray.  

I love this technique, if you've never given it a try, you should!  It's easy, and each one comes out differently. 

These are the cake plate liners.  I couldn't find them on the Ikea website, so I can't provide the link, but your local scrapbook store might carry a similar product.  Don't worry, I won't be serving cake on them!

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  1. Barb ~ I love both cards! Very creative. Yeah PTO!!!

  2. Lovely use of colour and shapes, Barb! You've got a real eye for this. I love using doilies as masks - some are on my blog - I've got some lovely ones with the cut pattern going right to the centre, and after you've used them as a mask they are beautifully coloured, and can be cut up, and the pieces applied to other projects, so no waste!! I want to create some masks and stencils with Sheba, my cutting machine, too. Those Ikea ones are really pretty, and it would be very simple to design something similar. I like the hearts one especially.

    Keep up the good work! Love your colour blending...